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This is no ordinary grill

Peri-Peri is one well-travelled taste sensation that’s launched a nation of spice lovers. And now we reckon they’re hungry for something more than just run-of-the-peppermill grilled chicken. 

We take the finest cuts of meat, marinade in our signature lip-smacking spice rubs, baste them in your choice of tongue-tingling house sauces and fire them over our scalding hot charcoal grill. 

Think you know Peri Peri? Think again. 

our story

a song of spice and fire

We admit it. We’ve got the hots for Peri-Peri. When sizzling spice meets charred chicken, it’s a thing of beauty. But we’ve been thinking, what if we could make Peri-Peri better? Nothing got us fired up like our own creations so we decided to step up to the grill.

Our secret recipe for a flaming good feast? meat, spice and fire. 

We only use authentic African bird’s eye chillies in our blends for that sweat-inducing kick. For the ultimate gourmet BBQ we combine our rubs with mouth-watering meats and ensure they’re charred to perfection over scorching hot coals. A true taste sensation.

Come in and experience the thrill of the grill


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